Theme and subthemes


Challenges in social work research – conflicts, barriers and possibilities in relation to social work

Social Work Research is linked closely to the complex world of social work and to different stakeholders and interests within the field – practitioners, service users, teachers, students, politicians, and administrators.

This diversity of interests and different stakeholders raises a range of challenges in social work research. Challenges in the form of controversies, barriers and dilemmas but also challenges providing new possibilities in the field of social work. Researchers in social work are expected to know about the different interests and to collaborate with many partners within the research processes. But not only are researchers expected to be aware of these issues. All partners in research processes must be aware of the melting pot they are part of when collaborating – both to make it possible to safeguard their own interests and to be able to participate in the processes in the complex meetings. 

The seventh European Conference for Social Work Research (ECSWR2017) will focus on the research challenges originating from these meetings.


  1. Political, administrative and economic influences and challenges for social work research
  2. Connections, diversities and controversies between social work research and policy makers, practitioners or service users
  3. Challenges and possibilities for different methodological, theoretical and professional approaches in social work research and/or social pedagogical research
  4. Social work research as a framework for social work education
  5. Complexities and controversies about the effects or outcomes of social work and social work research
  6. Research on different forms of partnerships/cooperation – including power and conflicts in social work

                             The Seventh European Conference for Social Work Research at Aalborg University Denmark 19th - 21st of April 2017 - ECSWR2017