Social program

The social programme includes events for the conference participants.

Welcome Reception at Nordkraft, Kedelhallen

April 19, 2017

The City of Aalborg is delighted to mark the opening of ECSWR 2017 by hosting the official opening reception.

The reception will be at Nordkraft, Kedelhallen for all participants of ECSWR 2017.

Nordkraft brings together culture, sports, and recreation, combining sports facilities, a cinema, theatres, and restaurants under one roof – all in a fusion of contemporary architecture and authentic industrial styles that create a very special atmosphere.

Kedelhallen is the oldest building in Nordkraft; here you will find the old coal hoppers. At the harbor in Aalborg, the coal was screened and crushed and thereafter it was moved to Nordkraft. Kedelhallen reflect pillars and structures from the building’s original design.

We are delighted to offer all participants a very special welcome to the city of Aalborg in these incredible surroundings. Appetizers and beverages will be served.  

Included in the registration fee.


Conference Dinner in Nordkraft, DGI-hallen

April 20, 2017

The Conference Dinner for ECSWR will be held in DGI-Hallen in Nordkraft. The former power plant, Nordkraft located in the centre of Aalborg, where the conference takes place, also houses sport and recreational facilities. In order for you to get a feeling of what Nordkraft is we invite you to a great and festive evening in these recreational surroundings.  

The Conference Dinner is not included in the registration fee.

Price per person is 80 EUR and includes aperitif, dinner, wine/beer & coffee/tea.
The Conference Dinner is open to all participants.

                             The Seventh European Conference for Social Work Research at Aalborg University Denmark 19th - 21st of April 2017 - ECSWR2017