Instructions for Chairs

To Chairs of ECSWR2017

We would like to inform you about the course of the conference sessions and the role as chairperson.

Each session will last 90 minutes and will include time for questions and debate with the audience.

Session chairs are responsible for running the session to time, and making sure that each author has equal time to present and to answer questions. For a five-presentations' session, each author should be given 15 minutes to present and there will be 15 minutes for joint discussion at the end.

For good development of the conference, it is critical that starting and concluding times of the parallel sessions are respected. Therefore, we will provide the chair with a red and a yellow card. The yellow card is to alert the presenter that he/she has 3 minutes left, and the red card is to signal that time is up. Before presenting, the chair can ask the presenter, if he/she would like to use 3 minutes out of the 15 minutes for questions or a discussion with the audience.

The conference rooms will each be equipped with a PC running Powerpoint and a data projector, and the presenters are asked to bring their presentation with them to the conference on a memory stick.

Whenever possible, authors and the chairperson should go to the allocated room 5 minutes before the session begins to allow time to upload presentations to the PC and to make any other necessary arrangements. There will be conference assistants present in the rooms, ready to assist you.

You can see the titles of the presentations in the session you are chairing in the program on the conference website. There might be minor changes to the printed version of the Conference program. Therefore, consultation of the digital version is recommended - see the conference website:


We thank you again for your great contribution to a high quality conference, and we are looking forward to seeing you in Aalborg!


Best regards,

The 7th ECSWR Host Conference Committee